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Wow are you a mom or a caregiver with a teething baby, do you breast feed, or just have a child that loves to pull at and chew on your jewelry. I am always afraid to wear jewelry at work, because of several reasons. Some of those reasons are choking hazards from small parts, the chemicals that could be on the jewelry, they might get broken, they like to put it in there mouth, and it could cause someone to get hurt. Let`s face it though, children are going to want to put things in their mouths, and if you are wearing something shiny they are going to want to play with it. So why not give them something that you don`t have to worry about them breaking or putting in their mouth.

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Teething bling is made by Smart Mom and it is completely safe for babies and beautiful for mom. Teething bling was designed for babies who love to tug and chew on jewelry. This jewelry is made of silicone the same material as most teething toys. It is perfect and practical for mom and baby. What a great way to keep a fussy baby happy and entertained too. Teething bling is also recommended by Dr. Sears from the TV series The Doctors. It was designed by a mom who was embarrassed when her baby yanked on her pearl necklace during church and it broke. The wonderful part about this jewelry is it comes in so many different styles, and you can find something to match almost any outfit you own. It also comes in different kinds of safe materials. You can get gemstones, and silicone pendants. They also have a beaded line, and a design your own necklace line.

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Another thing I would like to mention is they do offer other items besides teething necklaces. They also have bracelets and Babe Magnet ties for dad`s. All of these products are great for soothing your teething babies. It not only offers a way for them to relieve pain, it is fashionable for mom/dad, and a fun way to keep baby entertained. I mentioned breast feeding earlier, and that is because this can give something for baby to stay focused on while they are nursing. Let`s face it when are babies are teething it is miserable for us all and our little ones. The first thing we reach for to comfort our fussy baby is medicine. This Teething Bling gives us another thing to try first to soothe babies hurting and swollen gums.

I hope you find this review helpful and that you decide to visit their site to check out the wonderful styles they offer, or even design your own Teething Bling Necklace. You can find Teething Bling onΒ  and search for Teething Bling, or by visiting their site directly at you will have a much larger selection of all of their styles.

Thank you to Teething Bling for sending me this product to review. I know that it will get a lot of great use, and that it will help when we are dealing with teething. I also love that it is a neutral color that I can wear with almost anything.



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