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White Castle Pretzel Chicken Rings Review

I have written about my love for White Castles on multiple occasions. It is one of my favorite fast food locations and the fast food franchise that I have probably had the most fun with over the years. I`ve been getting a lot of requests to check out their new Pretzel Chicken Rings. It doesn`t take a lot to get me to try a new fast food item. Despite not being the biggest fan of White Castle`s Chicken Rings I was still excited to check this product out.

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My wife was in the hospital getting ready to give birth to our second child as I made my way to the drive thru to purchase this item. She wasn`t in the process of pushing or anything like that. She was taking a nap. I took that as the perfect opportunity to run off to White Castle to get my hands on the new Pretzel Chicken Rings.

White Castle was running a promotional deal featuring 20 Pretzel Chicken Rings for $4.99. I didn`t really want 20 of the Pretzel Chicken Rings and I intended to only get a 9 piece, but when I pulled up to order something in my brain forced me to get the 20 piece. Along with the 20 Pretzel Rings I also paid an extra 60 cents for a cup of cheese dipping sauce. I feel like it is in poor form to charge me extra for the dipping sauce. Just offer it from the get go. I felt slightly insulted as a consumer that I had to pay extra cash for a dipping sauce to compliment a novelty promotional item.

I felt it was important to get back to the hospital as quickly as possible, but I also wasn`t sure on the official food in the room policy. Rather than facing the possibility of not being able to take my White Castle into the delivery room I instead decided to just eat it in my car. Here`s a look at the sack of 20 Pretzel Chicken Rings on display.

Here you can see the 60 cent cheese cup. It was a nacho cheese. The sort of cheese you would use to dip a pretzel into. The cheese was perfectly acceptable, but I feel it should have been included with the price of the Pretzel Chicken Rings instead of an optional item.

Here`s a look at a Pretzel Chicken Ring up close. You can see what I guess is a pretzel batter on the chicken ring. I did not find it to be pretzel flavored at all. I just found the batter to be extra crunchy and make the overall taste of the chicken ring seem extra dry. These tasted dry. I didn`t even taste chicken. All I could think of was how dry it all was.

The cheese sauce was a life saver for this item. It added flavor where no flavor existed before. At least dipped in the cheese sauce I got the taste of cheese on something extremely dry.

After eating a few I really regretted my decision to buy the 20 piece. I really should have just gotten the 9 piece. It was after 9 Pretzel Chicken Rings when I decided I had enough and didn`t want to eat anymore. Here`s a look inside of the bag after eating 9 Pretzel Chicken Rings.

Here`s another close up of a Pretzel Chicken Ring to give you a good look at the breading. It doesn`t taste anything like pretzel.

The 20 Pretzel Chicken Rings, cheese cup, and small Coke cost me $7.88 total. I didn`t feel like it was $7.88 worth of food or good times. I was let down by this promotion.

So how was it? The flavor was dry and boring, but the addition of the cheese cup added cheese. I would recommend the cheese cup, but I have a hard time recommending the Pretzel Chicken Rings themselves. They just aren`t great. If you love the Chicken Rings at White Castle you might love these, but if you aren`t already a fan these will not win you over. I would only recommend them to White Castle diehards. These are not worth going out of your way to try.

Final grade: C


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